Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Region: Riding the Metrorail

So this past weekend, a few of us were heading to the Sabres game and decided to ride the metro rail from the allen street station.

I stood outside the station for a moment and thought about how UB will be building a $375 million dollar state of the art medical facility right over top of this staion (while incorporatioed the station into it). Its going to be gorgeous, and this rail stop has so much potential.

The excitement
only builds when realizing that for the first time in 25 years, there is actually talk of expanding the metro station up to UB north, and further south past HSBC, to accomodate the estimated 17000 people who will be coming downtown to the new medical campus. Imagine a Buffalo with a more useful metro rail, with Already walkable villages (Elmwood, Hertel, Grant, Allen, Chippewa/franklin -which is currently becoming restaurant row), the ability to hop on the metro and easily switch between these area's has never been more appealing.

Plus, and we here at QCLA realize this might be a far off dream, a metro rail line from the airport, into downtown, would be a dream come true!

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