Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shop local, Support WNY!

I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone how important it is, during this holiday season, to shop locally whenever possible. With so many great areas of the city to shop (your Elmwoods, Hertels, Allens, Grants, etc), there is a store for you and your loved ones.

So please, help the local economy, your neighbors and friends, and get people something considerably more unique than a gift from a big box store. Everyone will appreciate it!

Happy ChrismaKwanzaChanukah!
(and festivus!)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Local Music: The passing of Mohawk

It's strange how attached you can become to a building. Sure the Mohawk Place is like any other building in Buffalo, 4 walls, some beer, some live music, but it's meant so much more to WNY than any of that.
 I imagine this is how people a few years older than me felt about the Continental closing (i was only able to experience it for a year or two). Its like a passing in the communal family. A lot of the write up from the larger publications always bring up the fact that The White Stripes, The Black Keyes, Sam Roberts and the like played here, which is all very cool and very much a badge of honor...

But certainly not what i'll remember.

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Local Music: Levek by Brian Patrick

Levek ( presents their first music video from Look A Little Closer for "Black Mold Grow,” directed by Michael Lawrence in Buffalo, NY.

“David (from Levek) and I spoke for months about the meaning behind the album, “Black Mold Grow” in particular,” Lawrence says of how the project first came together. “Similar images kept on coming into both of our heads - a gauzy, transcendental view on a young woman's struggle with her psyche.  Creating the film was an organic process - everything from the original script to the end product was guided by the nature surrounding us.  The locations and environments added a large scope to the film - but, more than anything, created a backdrop for a character-driven story to unfold in a spontaneous, genuine way.”

“Black Mold Grow” is taken off of Levek’s Look a Little Closer, available now.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

An open letter to Gary Bettman

Listen Gary, I get it, you fancy yourself something of an intellectual, plus you're stubborn.

You need to feel like the smartest guy in the room, and you want for everyone else to think you're the smartest guy in the room. So when they hired Donald Fehr you were probably pretty chapped about it. I get it.

There are lots of A type personalities out there who are stubborn, short tempered, and willing to lie to people to get what they want, but heres the difference between A-type personalities that are revered and beloved by people, and ones who are ridiculed and hated by an entire fan base: When the time comes to put the people who love your game ahead of dollars and profits, true leaders find a way to get things done.

Not some pissing match with Donald Fehr, not some lies to a fan saying the NHLPA hasn't compromised, and certainly not cancelling nearly half a season and taking your toys out of the sandbox, because you didn't get exactly what you want.

Real men and woman find a way to swallow part of thier pride, work with the best and the brightest around, compromise with thier counterparts, and find a resolution to a conflict, they don't constantly play games in the media, and rush to judgement on good proposals that work towards the same things you want. It's called compromise, Gary, and i can easily provide you with a dictionary to look up the meaning.

Just know though, Gary, you are not the be all end all of the universe for hockey. I know people who are watching more Major Junior, more AHL, more local, and oh yes, the NFL is still on and bigger than you'll ever be, partially because of your short-sidedness. But know this, this is YOUR third work stoppage, this is YOUR stubborness, and this is YOUR fanbase turning against you, slowly but surely. We are knowledgable enough to know that for a game who's grown over a billion dollars since your last lockout, this time it comes down to your greed.

I'd say "i dont know how you sleep at night", but considering how little you care about us fans in the first place, you probably sleep just fine.

Bob Z
Buffalo Sabres fan