Monday, June 25, 2012

QCLA is alive and well

QCLA just took 2 roadtrips which interupted the blog for a week or so, but we are back and ready to announce some exciting things in the next couple of days!!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Events: Allentown Arts Festival

This past weekend was the Jekyll and Hyde of weather, and the resulting crowds showed up and the hugely popular Allentown Art Festival. Saturday was wet and rainy, and although a hearty crowd showed up, its wasn't as packed as it usually is,
That all changed Sunday. What an absolutely packed festival it was Sunday, the vendors must have absolutely loved it. Plus it was a sunny, 80 degree day, and you could smell all the outdoor foods a half mile away, and it made for the perfect recipe for arts, food, and fun!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Events: Thursday at the Harbor Week 1

JUNE, 7 2012--Buffalo’s free Thursday concert series Thursday in the Harbor kicked offthursday night at the Warf, and did not disappoint.
The Cult, Along with Against Me! and the Icarus Line opened the concert season at the harbor.  
If this was any indication, we are in for an awesome summer of live music. 
Against Me! Showcased their unique sound which can only be described as Flogging Molly, meets Dropkick Murphys, meets The Sex Pistols.  Against Me! drew a large audience of younger teenage fans while the headliners let many of us remember the days of post-punk, hard rock glory of the 1980’s
Following Against Me! The Cult (one of my all-time favorites) took to the stage.  I have waited to see The Cult for years, and thanks to Buffalo Place I was able to see them free of charge.
Ian Astbury, The Cult’s frontman can still get it done, his voice paired with Billy Duffy’s guitar brought a smile to my face and was even enough to keep the young fans of Icarus Line and Against Me! From leaving

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Events: Buffalo Corporate Challenge

     Buffalo's biggest short distance race happens this evening in the form of the Corporate Challenge (tied with the Turkey Trot), in which QCLA and over 13,000 of our closest friends will be representing area business's in a 3.5 mile race through the beautiful streets of Buffalo, NY. The Buffalo Corporate challenge is the biggest in the country, the only other one in the same ballpark in the Chicago race of the same name.
     Not surprisingly, this is also one of the biggest party events of the year for all who are involved, as companies put up giant tents all over the grounds of Delaware Park, and the smell of hotdogs, hamburgers, and corn on the cob waft all around the park (i would have mentioned the beer, but that smell doesn't really waft). Plus there is usually some frisbee, Kanjam, and other fun pick up games, since the park is more than large enough to accomodate everyone and more.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sports: Hockey Heaven rates high

Once again in this Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Buffalo market has shown itself a force to be reckoned with for TV ratings.The rating are in for games 1 and 2 of the finals, and here's the top markets:

Game 1:
1) Buffalo, NY  7.8
2) New York, NY 5.1
T-3) Los Angeles, CA 4.2
T-3) Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN
T-5) Oklahoma City 3.5
T-5) Pittsburgh, PA 3.5

Game 2:
1) Buffalo, NY 6.8 rating
2) Los Angeles, CA 5.5
3) New York, NY  4.1
4) Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN  3.6
5) Pittsburgh, PA  3.4

Buffalo topped both cities that are playing in the finals, plus other hockey hotbeds like Pittsburgh and Minneapolis. This is very impressive, and a sign that Buffalo, as a top 100 market in the US, has some considerable pull for NBC (are you paying attention, NHL Draft/Winter Classic deciders?).

-Bob Z

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Events: Buffalo Greek Festival

This past weekend had many wonderful events happening arounf downtown Buffalo, PRIDE Festivities, The Gus Macker 3v3 Basketball tournament, and of course, The Greek Festival.

We attended the Greek festival fairly late on sunday afternoon/evening, and the place was still pretty rockin. Live bands, lots of food (whats a Buffalo Festival without lots of food?) and a fun, friendly atmosphere that everyone could enjoy. I of course had to try the Loukoumades, known in english as "Honey Balls", which are deep friend dough balls coated in a honey and cinnimon glaze. Absolutely delicious! Eating deep fried food while watching customary dancing, and doing some shopping under the tents was an excellent time!