Thursday, June 30, 2011

Umphree's Part II

Jeff Simon, The Buffalo News music editor, agrees about that magic that was the Umphree's show Wednesday night.

Umphree's Mcgee @ Artpark

One of the greatest things about summertime in the Buffalo area is the abundance of free outdoor live shows. It's an embarassment of riches to be able to go see Peter Frampton one night (Free, Tuesday and the next night Umphree's Mcgee (free Wednesday) and then Lowest of the low (free, thursday This is just one week, and pretty much every week during the summer is like this. Well last night i went to see Chicago based Umphree's, and boy, it was worth every second of being there. They put on an absolute clinic in guitar and drum work, and had the crowd unable to even catch our breaths. Highly recommended.

Friday, June 24, 2011

New York Passes Gay Marriage Bill

Congratulations New York State on a job well done! And excellent job Buffalo Representative Mark Grisanti for voting in favor of the bill. Well done.

French Quarter Cafe

So on a rather chilly summer nite we decided to warm ourselves up with some Cajun food in Allentown at the French Quarter Cafe.

Highly recommend it if you're looking for some inexpensive, but delicious Cajun food. I had the Eggplant (vegetarian) Po' Boy and a side of baked mac and cheese. Both good. I always like mac and cheese with some crispy baked crust on it, but it was smooth and delicious.

Liz had the Vegetarian Jambalaya, which she described as "delicious and full of fresh seasonal vegetables. Huge portion for the price, and a delicious savory sauce." Sounds about right to me!

So stop on down to the Allentown district and grab some delicious Cajun!

(Camera phone picture)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

Just a reminder that at Thursday At the Square tonight is a free Grace Potter and the Nocturnals show. I was able to see them at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tenn a couple weeks ago and the band played excellent music, and Grace has a wonderful voice. I have a couple issues with the lyrics to her originals, but throw back a couple drinks and that'll fade into the background.

Gotta love Thursday At the Square in downtown Buffalo!

Grace Potter covering "white Rabbit", this cover alone is worth going downtown!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

4th Annual 0.5K Stiletto Run to benefit the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance

What a wonderful summer evening for the 0.5k Stiletto run this year. Warm weather, great crowds, and lots of money raised for a great cause tonight! If you couldn't make it this year, i would highly recommend making a special trip out next year. Whether its guys trying to fix broken heels on the fly (how often do i get to type that?) or entire groups remembering thier lost loved ones, its one of the best events of the summer.

Spiderman reveals herself!

One of the leaders!

Katie M (far left) and family afterwards. When i asked her "does it hurt to run in stiletto's?" she responded like a trooper, "Not if you're used to it!"

So make sure you check out this great event next year! check out for more details!

Adrian Brijbassi and his trip to Buffalo

Great article from Canadian Adrian Brijbassi and his overcoming prejudices towards Buffalo. Excerpt here and full article linked below:

"this time, I got to know the place and the people. Turns out, they like us, and they really want you, Toronto, to like them. Give them a chance and you will"

CLICK HERE for more

Elmwood Village "10 Best in America"

An article i had wrote on Associated Content detailing Elmwood Village being named "One of the 10 Best Villages" in the United States.