Wednesday, June 22, 2011

4th Annual 0.5K Stiletto Run to benefit the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance

What a wonderful summer evening for the 0.5k Stiletto run this year. Warm weather, great crowds, and lots of money raised for a great cause tonight! If you couldn't make it this year, i would highly recommend making a special trip out next year. Whether its guys trying to fix broken heels on the fly (how often do i get to type that?) or entire groups remembering thier lost loved ones, its one of the best events of the summer.

Spiderman reveals herself!

One of the leaders!

Katie M (far left) and family afterwards. When i asked her "does it hurt to run in stiletto's?" she responded like a trooper, "Not if you're used to it!"

So make sure you check out this great event next year! check out for more details!

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