Friday, January 31, 2014

Tappo Restaurant Review

After being open for a a half a year or so now, QCLA and the family went to Tappo Restaurant (Tappo meaning "Cork" in Italian) for the first time.

We should have gone much, much sooner.

For appetizers, we ordered both the Plain bread with an olive oil dipping bowl, and cheesy bread. Both were excellent. The olive oil had a small little "kick" on the end which was delicious (and different, in a good way) and the cheesy bread was plenty cheesy. One thing about Tappo is they sure don't skimp.

For dinner, I had the alfredo. It was the perfect amount of richness, not over the top, not underwhelming, the sauce was a medium thickness and the flavor was perfect. (i, as always, sprinkled some crushed red peppers over top.)

Mrs. QCLA order the Goat Cheese Crespelle, which was also wonderful. The goat cheese was mild (maybe mixed with some ricotta?) and the edges were crisp and crunchy. The plate had both Alfredo sauce and red sauce on it for dipping. (Not sure what a Crespelle is? I sure wasnt before this dinner, think of it almost as a lighter, Italian style taquito shell).

Father of QCLA order the Chicken Cacciatore and was very impressed. It was certainly well portioned and looked rich with sauces and chicken. Mother of QCLA ordered the Chicken Saltimbocca, and was also thrilled with it. The chicken was tender and juicy while still having a nice, flaky breading on the outside.

For dessert we had the Peanut Butter Crunch Cake, and if you don't like sweets, do not get this! It was deliciously rich and crunchy, and chocolate and peanut butter lovers dream!

Not once did we feel rushed by the server, the food came out in time, and we all loved the ambiance of the restaurant. I for one can't wait until summer where we can sit on the top of the building patio, overlooking the electric tower and downtown Buffalo. Tappo is definitely worth it!

(4.5 out of 5)

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  1. Sounds great. I've been meaning to try.