Thursday, April 19, 2012

Exciting Announcements #1 and #2!

2 Exciting announcement for QCLA!
First off: Brian Campbell of Get Xposed music will be hoping on board for a weekly local Buffalo music article! Brian has years of experience as a writter for both local and national bands, including articles, reviews and more!

Secondly: Liz J , winner of the Mercedes Benz of Buffalo "5 Most fashionable People in Buffalo" in 2011, will be contributing a weekly Fashion blog, focusing on local business and fashions!

I can't express how excited i am to expand the QCLA family!!! Come back soon for great articles from Brian and Liz!

-Bob Z

Construction: And so it begins: The donovan building

Artist rendering

Looks like Benderson Developement is starting to strip off the outside facade of the Donovan building, the first step in the reconstruction of this old, highly visible (from the 190 and the skyway) building into the new law offices of the Phillips Lytle LLC law firm and a flagship Courtyard Marriot Hotel. Also scheduled are shops and restaurants on the bottom floor.

Its exceptionally exciting that this project is getting underway, being as it will be an anchor in the new inner harbor front area. With all the increased pedestrian traffic, plus hotal space and fun summetime activities, i expect this area to be jam packed pretty regularly. Not to mention its right by the arena, so any home games vs Canadian teams will probably be packed.

With good news like this, and the Lafayette Hotel opening in late may, you can't help but feel excited for downtown and the harbor. It truly feels like a new day in Buffalo, NY.

-Bob Z

*edit, looks like Buffalo Rising and Queen City spotted this on the same day (i noticed it on the way to work this morning), they have it posted as a blog too. Well done Buffalo Rising!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Buffalo Rising Blog

Great blog once again by, about PUSH Buffalo (People United for Sustanable Housing) and their development of the MAssachusettes area of the west side. I follow PUSH pretty regularly, and the community improvements they're making to that area is astounding.

Link to the Buffalo Rising Article :

Push Buffalo Website:

Check out PUSH, they are a great organization!

-Bob Z

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

City Finance: A1, not just a steak sauce anymore

So good news for Buffalo finances (and in turn our own), Moody's credit rating agency has upgraded Buffalo's credit score to an A1 rating, for the first time in city history.

What this means for us is that the city, when it borrows money (mostly for capital improvemnet projects) it will now borrow at a lower loan rate, therefore owing less in the long run, which is better for the city because it can either 1) have more money on hand for improvements or 2) not raise taxes next time things get a little tighter.

Good news for a city thats rounding the bend!

Bob Z

Monday, April 9, 2012

Events: The Worlds (yes, WORLDS) Largest Dyngus Day Party!

Today is the big day, so roll yourself out of your Easter Food coma, put on your best Red and White clothes, practice your Polish Accent, grab the pussywillows and squirt guns and get on down to Downtown Buffalo!

But first, a little history on how this became an event that expects 100,000 people to participate in this years festivities! (Thank you to for the following)

"HOW DID IT START? There are many stories that attempt to explain the origins of the day. Many Polish customs date back to pre-Christian practices of our Slavic ancestors. The custom of pouring water is an ancient spring rite of cleansing, purification, and fertility. The same is true of the complimentary practice of switching with pussy willow branches. Since 966 A.D., Dyngus Day has been associated with the baptism of Prince Mieszko I. Tradition states that Prince Mieszko I along with his court were baptized on Easter Monday. Thus, Dyngus Day and its rites of sprinkling with water have become a folk celebration in thanksgiving for the fact that the first king of Poland was baptized into Christianity, bringing Catholicism to Poland. In more modern times, the tradition continued when farm boys in Poland wanted to attract notice from the girls of their choice. It was custom to throw water and hit the girls on their legs with twigs or pussywillows. Cologne was used instead of water by the more gallant lads. The ladies would reciprocate by throwing dishes & crockery and Tuesday was their day of revenge, imitating the same tactics."


Although Dyngus Day was always celebrated in traditional Polish neighborhoods dated back to the 1870s, modern Dyngus Day in Buffalo had its start with the Chopin Singing Society in 1961. Judge Ann T. Mikoll and her late husband Theodore V. Mikoll held the first party at the Society's clubrooms on Kosciuszko Street on Buffalo's Eastside. The success of the Chopins' Dyngus Parties during the 1960s led to other Dyngus dances on the Eastside including those at the Broadway Grill, the Warsaw Inn, the Polish Singing Circle and at the New York Central Terminal. Chopins left the Eastside in the 1980s and moved out to new clubrooms in Cheektowaga where the festival attracted a new generation. The Chopins tradition continues with party's taking place at the Heathstone Mannor in Depew." (End quotes)

With the main parade starting at 5pm, games, facepainting, historic tours, and lots, and lots, of drinking. Weather is supposed to be in the high 50's with no rain in sight. What i perfect Polish Holiday!!!

And we'll finish it off with this great pictures from the early 60's and video of food and the parade! Mr. Dyngus and his Court at Chopins on Buffalo's Eastside. (Thanks again to the Dyngus Day Buffalo Website!)

-bob z

Friday, April 6, 2012

Hat Tip

I encourage everyone to go over and check out the blog, one of the best in Buffalo. Great stories about redevelopement of storefront and new businesses moving in. Very comprehensive, and well written.

Give em' a try, but remember if you like them more, youre still contractually obligated to read this blog! (haha)

-bob z

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Niagara Falls improvements

Being as how Buffalo and Niagara Falls are so close together, i like to comment on positives for one of the wonders of the world occasionally as well, and there's a nice one coming down the pipeline.

For anyone who's been up to the American side of the falls, the parks have slowly gotten an....old...feel to them, things seem a little warn down and used. The good news is that there will be an influx of 25 million dollars to help spruce the whole place back up again. Including sprucing up the main viewing area's around the park, redoing the Cave of the winds, what is generally considered one of the best places in all of the falls, plus paying for a redesign of the Amercian Falls Bridge, which is currently in pretty bad disrepair.

This, of course, isn't a silver bullet for the Niagara Falls area, but i think we have learned from the past 40 years or so that there is no such thing as a magic bullet, and steps like these are truly the way to build up the entire Western New York Area.

Photo Credit Derek Gee

-bob z

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Music on the inner and outter harbor

Great news, Buffalo will now have music on both the very popular inner harbor spot (one of my personal favorites) but also on the outter harbor now. Fun time entertainment has reached an agreement for 4 large shows on the area formally the Pier.

This is great for the waterfront, the inner harbor has made huge strides the past couple of years (night and days type strides) but the outter harbor hasn't garnered much attention or momentum, and this is a definite step in the right direction. For more, check out this Buffalo News article

-bob z