Friday, January 31, 2014

Tappo Restaurant Review

After being open for a a half a year or so now, QCLA and the family went to Tappo Restaurant (Tappo meaning "Cork" in Italian) for the first time.

We should have gone much, much sooner.

For appetizers, we ordered both the Plain bread with an olive oil dipping bowl, and cheesy bread. Both were excellent. The olive oil had a small little "kick" on the end which was delicious (and different, in a good way) and the cheesy bread was plenty cheesy. One thing about Tappo is they sure don't skimp.

For dinner, I had the alfredo. It was the perfect amount of richness, not over the top, not underwhelming, the sauce was a medium thickness and the flavor was perfect. (i, as always, sprinkled some crushed red peppers over top.)