Monday, March 26, 2012

Gennessee Gateway Bldg

Looks like the newly remodeled Gennessee Gateway Building in the business district is up and going with tennents. This series of 9 interconnecting building was once a symbol of vibrancy in the dowtown area, and is once again so, with tennents ranging from financial investment groups to computer IT companies, this is an excellent example of adaptive reuse in the downtown area.

For more, check out this buffalo news article

-bob z

Friday, March 23, 2012

Buffalo Niagara Film Festival

There is a lot of excitement over the Bills and Sabres recently (and i'll be doing a blog on both shortly), but i don't want the excitement to overshadow the wonderful Buffalo Niagara Film Festival ( April 12th -22nd.

Featuring 88 films this year, including fascinating documentaries like "Seeking the Current", in which 2 men paddle 500 kilometers of pristine quebec waters before the goverment builds 4 new hydro electric dams, forever changing the landscape. Or if comedies are more your speed, try to get to the showing of " The F Bomb" and comedy about a couple married for 50 years which looks quite fun.

There are also drama's, sci-fi's and much much more. Really, there is genuinly something for everyone.

The awards ceremony will also be held April 21st at the beautiful Rapids Theatre in Niagara Falls, making this a truly regional film festival. The ceremony is centered around war veterans and people who have lost thier lives in combat, featuring two films that are extremely moving. So if nothing else, come out, support a great cause, and see some truly great independent film work.

I hope to see you at one of the showing, and since its over the course of 10 days, there's no reason not to go!

-bob z

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Light up the night

Looks as though the City of Buffalo is looking into lighting up the grain elevators on the outskirts of the city to showcase the city of Buffalo. I think this is an excellent idea. Look how much improved the peace bridge being lit up is. It's amazing what a few small things can do to improve the look of the area.

Plus, i think it would make the overall skyline more interesting. Anything like this near the waterfront s an absolute improvement.

Also talked about was 3 proposals for the Memorial auditorium site. A childs interactive museum, a firefighters museum, and a great lakes interactive experience. If i only could choose one of these, i would pick the childrens museum for sure, maybe even lure the science museum down to the waterfront and create a fully interactive science/childrens museum that would bring familes and mass to the area. With concerts, restaraunts, the erie canal, and more down there, its becoming quite a family friendly destination!

-bob z

Friday, March 9, 2012

Covering the Kensington?

Extremely interesting article on The Buffalo News about a propsal from a local group to cover over the kensington expressway and, essentially, make a park on top of it.

Its an exceptionally intersting, and expensive, idea that i think is worthy some preliminary exploration. It would certainly help the science museum and the neighboring housing.