Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Region: New HARBORcenter design disappoints...slightly

The Pegula backed HARBORcenter redesign came out today and I must say, while still being a great project overall, the redesign leaves much to be desired.

Initially, the top hotel portion had a beautiful curved glass design which i thought mimicked, or paid homage to the grain silos of Buffalo's past. This 1970's block top look isn't nearly as nice as the original renderings.

That being said, my disappointment is still muted due to the fact that this is still such a wonderful project, with the two NHL size ice rinks, massive sports bar, 8000 feet of retail space, and a hotel being built. The parking garage size is a little overbearing but at the very least I get it.

Now about fixing that hotel portion...

-Bob Z

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