Monday, April 22, 2013

NFL: 2013 Draft

It's that time of year again Bills fan, the time to pick apart a whole bunch of college kids most of us have only seen highlights of: its the draft!

For the past 13 years, this has been one of (if not the) most exciting time to be a Bills fan, with new optimism and hopes. This years draft is especially interesting because of the holes on the team, and the "Will they/Won't they" Quarterback question.

Instead of will they, the question in this post is "should they" and the answer to that question is absolutely yes. If they think they've identified a guy ***coughcoughBARKELYcoughcoughNassib*** and they think this player can lead them to the promised land, then pull the trigger at 8.

Especially now that the jets have 2 first rounders (9 and 13) and are a quaterback needy team, I don't feel like there's much choice. Wait til the second round? Top of round two has a multitude of QB needy teams (which is why theyre drafting at the top of the round), and while i would love it if they traded back into the first round (I pretty much just love trades), there is no gaurantee of that happening.

So go ahead Bill, take that QB and 8 overall, grab your WR/LB/TE in rounds 2/3, and give me a real reason to watch and hope this year.

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