Thursday, May 24, 2012

Restaurant Review: Well La-Tee-Da!

QCLA took a nice walk into Allentown from our humble abode on a beautiful Wednesday evening for a nice dinner at La Tee Da on Allen Street, next to Rustbelt Books, and it was absolutely perfect.

First off, the ambiance of the entire place is very inviting, nice and cozy in the main inside area, while feeling a little bit upscale, it's not stuffy at all, and they have a great semicircle bar right at the front. As you walk through, you realize what the main attraction really is, the patio in the back. It is absolutely gorgeous. A full bar, a live band that plays every Wednesday night (The Mick Hayes Band), playing great dinner tunes that you find yourself bobbing your head to. ("Superstition" gets me every time). Talk about being able to enjoy a nice summery evening in Buffalo.

The place was pretty busy, but we didn't have a reservation and were still sat right away. The wait staff and bartenders are very friendly, and came to the table the right amount of times (not too much to make you feel rushed, but they don't disappear either). Our water was always filled, and the complimentary bread came with oil for dipping and a tzatziki spread that was delicious.

As for the food itself, it was excellent in every way. I had the Three Cheese Vegetarian Lasagna, which also came with some bread on the side. The ratio of the cheese was perfect, the edges were slightly crispy, but not burnt, and the vegetarian red sauce was a little bit sweet and a little bit herby. It was one of the better lasagna's I've had in the city, (and that is saying something, since my favorite kind of food is Italian).

Mrs. QCLA had the Poached Pear Salad, which included fresh field greens, poached pears, walnuts, craisens and gorgonzola with a simple vinaigrette. "All of the components of the salad were evenly balanced and complimented the simple and light dressing. All in all, it was a very delicious and refreshing salad for a light dinner on a summer evening."

-Bob Z

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  1. I have been hearing good things about this place lately and now with your review I am sold. You had me at tzatziki. I will be going there in the very near future. Thanks