Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Construction: Buffalo State College Technology Building

It looks like the new Technology Building on the Buffalo State Campus is slowly taking shape. They've been working on this for about a year and a half or so now, with about another year until completion. This, coupled with new dormatories, brings some excitement to the campus, with obvious signs of progress. This is also a big deal because Buffalo State is one of the only Colleges in the country to have an accredited Communications degree, and this building will provide even more hands on opportunities for the students in not just this, but all cirriculums.

Also condiering that education is one of the largest employers, and fields, in the WNY region, anything we can do to expand our footprint in this field (along with, of course , the medical cooridoor and the new regional tourism down at canalside). Buffalo State, along with the University at Buffalo, are practically mecca's now for downstate students looking for quality education at an affordable price (plus the opportunity to get away from thier parents for a few years!)

This is always my favorite phase of the construction on new buildings, you can see the exoskeleton taking shape, but you're still able to see inside and work being done all around. An exciting time indeed.

-Bob Z

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