Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Places: Botanical Gardens: A gem of Western New York

For those of those who have never visited the Erie County Botanical Gardens, you are missing a jewel of the WNY area. A few years ago the ownership switched over from the county, to a non profit group, and admission went from free to a minimal charge. Let me tell you, it's well worth every penny. They maintain the gardens so beautifully that its the perfect place to stop for warmth in the winter, and sunshine in the summer. It's also a great place for photographers, new and advanced, to hone your skills on some beautiful objects that, thankfully, don't move.

Located on South Park avenue in South Buffalo, near the Basillica (which is a beautiful building unto itself, i would recommend walking the half block down to it), and near the Sorento Cheese plant (considerably less beautiful... haha).

The Gardens have 6 different houses (1 used mostly for wedding and events) including a several story waterfall, and carved dinosaur shapes bushes (which the kids love), a huge koy pod, the worlds largest publically displayed Ivy Display, a great covered area for pictures next to a fountain, a hand carved several foot large checkers boards, a desert landscape, and much much more. Please make sure to enjoy every room, and be there a couple hours.

Here are some pictures from the gardens:

-Bob Z

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