Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My name is MUD: Live music review of Primus

Sunday nights Niagara River Rocks featuring everpresent band Primus was a great night had by all. With the exeption, of course, of the parking!

It's a funny thing whenever you go to see Primus. One person walks by you dressed in a black tshirt and ripped up jeans. Following right behind them is a guy in patchwork pants and lower back length dreadies. Next after  is a biker with leather vest, then the most "normal" looking late teen girl you'll ever see.

Its part of the magic of Primus, they're so hard to define musically, and so is the audience.

Young Primus fan giving Rock hands

Les Claypool's stage presence was in full effect tonight, mentioning how one of their songs was actually written about going over the falls (and making a crack about how they rarely write songs from places, saying "There isn't a Jerry the Racecar Driveville").

Of course, the actual music was what everyone was there for, and they did not disappoint, playing old favorites (My Name is Mud, Jerry the Racecar Driver,) and much newer one's i didn't recognize but loved the same (full disclosure, I loved Primus up through Frizzle Fry, and slowly lost touch with them after that... not anymore!)

In classic Primus fasion, Les Claypools bass was the star of the show, with funk, blues, rock, and carnival influences. That being said, the guitarist Ler LaMonde was truly "shredding it" on the guitar. I actually found myself listening les(s) to the bass and more to the guitar, which was the first time of all the times i've seen Primus.

Overall it was a great night of music, with opener Beggars Best also getting loud cheers from the fans.

-Bob Z

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