Monday, June 10, 2013

Allentown Art Festival

Another early June has come and gone, and with it the ever wonderful Allentown Art Festival, and the Allentown West Festival.

(In case anyone noticed an entire block of no tents, this is the seperation line between the two festivals. Allentown West is located between Elmwood and Wadsworth, the full blown Allentown Art Festival on the other side).

With so many talented vendors, it's easy to grasp just how large this festival is every year. 430 participants showed their wears, including jewlery, photography, paintings, prints, sculptures and more. It's quite a scene every year!

Saturday was a little overcast with some on and off rain, but that didn't stop us from walking through (partially on our way to Don Tequilla's new opened restaruant, expect a review). We were scopring out where things we so when we went back on sunday it was several hours of fun! Mrs. QCLA and I bought two prints this year, which i'll be taking a picture of and posting later!

If you happened to miss it this year, make sure you head on over to AAF next year, and check out the Elmwood Festival of the Arts later in teh summer!

Chess boards set up along allen st. for a $25 donation to charity, play all day! (currently trying to flip the picture upright! haha)

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