Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What I miss about Buffalo series: Margot Lane

There are former Buffalonians all over the United States, and one of the common things I've noticed is how much they miss certain aspects of Buffalo. This is a series I've started from Ex-Pats on what they miss most about Buffalo, in their own words:

What I miss about Buffalo, NY. By Margot:

Its clear when we all leave our home how the things we took for granted can mean so much, including a routine.

In the best and worst of all my jobs I never looked forward to going into work but the drive seemed so much better with Tim Horton's coffee and a maple dipped donut.

After I moved to LA to pursue a career as a musician I was not successful at finding a similar coffee, but I was successful in convincing family and friends to send me out some every month.

Buffalo has some of the greatest bars to meet your friends at and watch a Sabres Game. Out in LA, its not so easy trying to convince the waitress to turn the Lakers off and put on a Buffalo Sabres game, but, I find out a way to not miss a game.

In all, I miss the people- I miss family and friends that are so irreplaceable its heartbreaking. I have met many Buffalonians who come out to LA to pursue a career and they are the type that care for everything they work to achieve as if it could all slip away.

The friends, which I've worked with years ago or that have come to one of my gigs, have a sense and respect that is not a characteristic developed in any other place. In no other city can there be so much history and from no other city can so many people leave only to return someday to the very people they miss.

I left Buffalo to find more work only to want to bring all of the friends ( this means you Bob) that have been with my career since the beginning out to LA to enjoy what it has become.

As far as wings, I'm an Anchor Bar kinda girl.

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