Friday, July 22, 2011

Let us Merge

We went to Merge Restaurant (website here ) Wednesday night for a nice dinner. The restaurant itself has great ambiance and a great location on Delaware ave, near the Chippewa District. They specialize in Vegetan and raw food (but have meat and vegetarian dishes). I ended up having the salad and a side of mac n cheese (real adventurous, i know!) and my wife had a vegan mushroom hash. It was a mushroom stew served with fingerling potato hash. She thought it was truly delicious, "everything was very fresh and there was a side range of assorted mushrooms in the stew".

The service was also fantastic, very prompt, very friendly. If i hadn't been so tired we probably would have had a drink at the nice bar in the back. Plus there's a small stage right in the middle, so the occasional live performance happens, which would be great for dinner and drinks.

Overall i would recommend giving Merge a chance!

(click to enlarge camera photo picture)

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