Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bright Eyes at Artpark

Beautiful night for some beautiful music. Bright Eyes played a free show at what is fast becoming one of my favorite venues in Western New York. They played 3 out of my 4 favorite songs ( Poison Oak, Landlocked Blues, At the bottom of everything). the crowd was great and the weather was beautiful. Everyone seemed to have a great time, including Hillary B, who i interviewed after the show:

"it was a good show, i liked sitting on the hill to people watch and listen to the band play. i have been to art park before and sat near the stage, i actually like sitting on the hill better ... I think art park is a great place to have a outdoors have the great scenery behind the stage and the village on the main street is really nice too, a lot of little shops and restaurants."

That sums it up nicely, except i like sitting closer, but to each their own!!!

(camera phone picture)

(camera phone pic by Liz Jenney)

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