Friday, February 7, 2014

Restaurant Review: Sato is certainly "Home"

Mrs. QCLA and I ventured over to the newest restaurant in Buffalo last night, Sato, located in the old O3 cafe on Elmwood Ave (2 doors down from Spot Coffee) for some appetizers and entree's.

We decided to get the Vegetarian Fried Gyoza Dumplings as a "small plate" appetizer. 6 came on the plate with a traditional dumping dipping sauce, and they were very well done. We both enjoyed them greatly (having three a piece) and while it was a smaller amount of food, i was happy that i had the room when the entree came out.

Before i get to the entree, I will say that i've had good quality Ramen in both Honalulu's Chinatown, and in Beijing, China. Which were both, understandably, amazing.

So was this. I was exceptionally happy with the Vegetarian Ramen. We both ordered the dish, and added in sprouts and garlic as extra's. A big, hot, steaming bowl of Ramen was delivered to our table shortly later and i was impressed.

The broth was certainly salty, but not in that overly salty, fake tasting kind of way that the 10c packets from the grocery store are. The carrots and green leaves were plentiful, and the sprout added a great contrast in texture to the noodles and other veggies. You absolutely won't be starving after eating this (even if  i did finish the whole thing.)

Mrs. QCLA also ordered tea, which come in a small metal tea kettle and small asian tea cups which fills about 4 times. Excellent touch.

The service was very good (unlike, we found, the O3 cafe's service, which always seemed like we were bothering them.) The food came out in a timely fashion and she was friendly and accommodating. All around a great experience.

This is certainly a restaurant that we'll be coming back to regularly.

4/5 stars.

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