Friday, July 20, 2012

Local: Activity on Elmwood at West Tupper

The area between Virginia and Tracey on Elmwood ave has long been a stretch of mostly open spaces and residential, but recently two businesses, one newer and one who has been around a couple years, have started thriving on the corner of Elmwood and West Tupper.

Jacobi's Pizza Express recently expanded into the second half of thier building right off the corner, serving all of your favorite pizza and wings restaurant foods. Obviously it's doing well to double it's size from the previous space.

Right next door, directly on the corner, the Elmwood and Tupper Gallery has been open for a few months, replacing a reapolstry business there. The gallery specializes in local art and artists, and runs a poetry and musical open mic on saturday afternoons. I've had the opportunity to walk by the place frequently and some of the paintings and photography has been truly spectacular. They're open until 6 most weekdays, but they stay ope for first fridays. ( ).

So swing on by, grab a bite to eat, and enjoy some great homegrown art!

Bob Z

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