Monday, January 30, 2012

Its all about the (one billion dollars worth of) Benjamins

So governor Andrew Cuomo has promised the City of Buffalo, and the western new york region, one billion dollars in state funding from the capital, similar to how the Albany area lured the nano technology private sector to the albany area.

Exciting times indeed. And before i get any inevitable comments about how we should be giving that money back to the taxpayers and not spending it, I hear what your saying, but public works and private investment is something that this area desperately needs, and this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Along with the $100 million the western new york area won in the competition between the 9 different areas of new york, and there are some real funds available to further the advancement of downtown buffalo. Links to The Buffalo News articles touching on more of this to follow, but your friendly neighborhood blogger has gotta run!

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