Monday, August 1, 2011

Buffalo Garden Walk

This past weekend was the 16th annual Buffalo Garden walk, and what a gorgeous weekend for it. Unfortunately due to some family matters i was unable to attend, but i did go for a run thru parts of the city this morning which participated, and the gardens are absolutely stunning. The Buffalo News has a great article about it here.
Some quotables:

"In his own garden, Charlier spoke to people from Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Nebraska and Washington, D. C., as well as a woman who lives “150 miles north of Toronto.”"

"Garden Walk Buffalo was founded in 1995 by Marvin Lunenfeld and Gail McCarthy with 29 gardens around the Norwood-West Utica area. This year, more than 350 Buffalo gardens within a five-mile radius are included. "

(Hat Tip to the Buffalo News)

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